'CMT' stands for Caldwell Machines and Tools.

We make new parts.
We repair and rebuild machinery,
and we make new tools and machines.

CMT has a range of equipment and capabilities, some of which is shown below;

Press and Forgings.
Large 3.2m CNC milling machine ideal for rebuilding machines and large engines.
Large 5m Poreba lathe.
A range of CNC and manual lathes for turning and shaft work.

Hydraulic cylinder design and repair.
CNC vertical machining center.
Production gear hobbing and spline cutting.
Horizontal Borer.

Cylindrical grinding.
Machine design and manufacture.
PTO gearboxes.
Hydraulic testing, repair and design.
Electronic Design.

Large 3.2m travel CNC milling machine.
MTE milling machine
5m Poreba Lathe.
5m Poreba Lathe
Foundry with induction furnaces, cooling towers and cupbola on left.
High speed CNC lathe.
Hyundai CNC lathe

Samples of our work

crawler tractor
CMT's prototype crawler tractor.
Roller wheels machined on a CNC lathe.
Spline blanks ready to be cut.

Contact Details:

Selwyn Caldwell,
Phone: 07 4666 6153,
Address: 102 Hentschels Rd, Allora, 4362, QLD, Australia.

Website updated 13th September 2019